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About Us

We are a team of financial professionals and lawyers based in Stockholm, Sweden and California, USA, with extensive investment consulting and legal experience. We can provide one-stop services from establishment, mergers and acquisitions, investment project selection to immigration law in Sweden or across the United States. You don't have to travel between multiple organizations, without the troubles of poor connection between different services, and easily achieve the purpose of starting a business and living in the United States. We serve guests from all walks of life and pay attention to the relationship with each guest. You will experience our excellent service in our dealings with us.

High Quality
Our lawyers have shown great professional pride in their work. As the most basic principle, we have been committed to providing quality legal services to every customer. In order to do this, we are committed to four principles: the pursuit of excellence, determined efforts, quality assurance and continuous improvement.

Customer first
The attitude of the client I treat is to focus on building long-term relationships with my valued clients, rather than seeking short-term relationships or benefits. I strive to be your trusted advisor and put your needs first.

Full Service
As a truly comprehensive and full-service law firm, our lawyers combine their professional knowledge, academic background and legal practice in various countries and regions to meet the legal needs of our international clients.

International perspective
International and cross-border business is our specialty. With my offices outside Sweden and Sweden, as well as our extensive overseas network, our cross-border business is thriving in emerging and developing markets and mature jurisdictions, so you can count on it.


Our Team

Codie Smith


He is Swedish licensed lawyer, and is a lawyer with 10 years of work experience. His law specialization includes marriage and family law, constitution, property law, tort law, contract law, criminal law and other fields.

Chelsea Ray


He has been a company legal consultant for a long time. He is mainly responsible for legal issues of company investment and financing. He has extensive experience in company mergers and acquisitions, company litigation, company investment, and company financing.

Sarah Spears


Specializing in the US immigration law business, master's degree in American law.

He has extensive experience in practice and professional and meticulous legal services to solve various difficult immigration status issues for clients.