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Why Invest in Sweden?

For a long time, Sweden is one of the most productive, competitive, and globalized nations in the world. The country has highest manufacturing productivity in Europe, and she is a global leader in innovation with a highly skilled labour force, sophisticated consumers, smooth business procedures, openness to international ownership, and a stable economy.

Sweden is a country that has been deeply loved by the heavens. Sweden has a good natural wind, few natural disasters occur, and it is rich in natural and mineral resources. The Global Happiness Index was released in 2018, and Sweden ranked ninth. With a Swedish visa, you are free to travel to Schengen in 28 countries. If you get Swedish citizenship, it is equivalent to obtaining a world pass, and your identity will rise accordingly. You can travel to 187 countries and regions in every country. The number of visa-free countries in Sweden ranks among the top five in the world.

Reason one: quality of life
The air in Sweden is a natural oxygen bar, and every day is a blue sky and white clouds. Especially in summer, Sweden is one of the best in the world. In Sweden you can enjoy the safety of food. All food processing here is strict, and tap water can be drunk directly. Many vegetables are eaten raw, so you no longer need to worry about the safety of food.
Sweden has always been known for its good working environment and advocacy for reducing air and water pollution. Swedes' lives are most focused on quality. They don't care how rich they are, but how happy they are. Sweden offers a fully functional and vibrant social environment for people living and working in this country: quality housing, free education and quality medical insurance.
Everything provides enough space to balance career and family, work and leisure. Social justice here, citizens enjoy housing allowances, and have access to low-rent housing provided by the government.
Reason 2: Transparent and free country
Multinational companies based in Sweden are very vocal about the Swedish business environment. Local consultants and business partners are transparent and easy to obtain satisfaction with Swedish information. Experience the feeling of being respected. Sweden is one of the most educated countries in the world, where you will feel respected whether you go to the supermarket or go shopping. Everyone will say hello to each other, whether or not they know each other. Most people are happy to help you. "I can disagree with your point of view, but I will defend your right to speak 100%." ​​This sentence received the most authoritative answer in Sweden. In Sweden, everyone enjoys freedom: freedom of operation, freedom of entry and exit, freedom of the Internet, freedom of sex, freedom of speech.

Reason 3: Really free education
Sweden is one of the countries with the highest level of education in the world. Perfect and perfect teaching system provides multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multi-teaching education. Everyone has the right to compulsory compulsory education to free university education. First of all, children go to school free of charge, and they can get the study subsidy provided by the government while enjoying the world-class education environment. Secondly, the whole family can learn foreign language and short-term training courses of various vocational skills qualified by the government for free.
Sweden is a child's paradise with a high childhood happiness index, and Swedish children live in a multi-value environment. Going to school not only gives them survival skills, cooking classes, gardening classes. Let children learn more in practice and experience the joy of life. At Sweden International School, most students are children of foreign entrepreneurs, diplomats, researchers and other residents in Sweden.

Reason 4: The most perfect and superior democratic social welfare in the world from "cradle to grave"
Since the Swedish Social Democratic Party proposed the concept of “the people's homeland” in 1928, the principle of universal enjoyment of social welfare has been implemented. Today Sweden is a country with high welfare. In the course of more than half a century of economic development, Sweden has gradually established a large-scale social security system with specific content and comprehensive system, including child allowance, unemployment benefits, free medical security, housing subsidies, sick leave subsidies, and endowment insurance. Wait. Sweden's comprehensive social welfare is not only reflected in the human life cycle, but also improves the quality of life of the Swedes in terms of material and leisure.
The government encourages residents to have children, and the children in Sweden are all raised by the state. The government pays you a minimum of 180 kr. per day, and there is no financial burden for having children. At the same time, both parents enjoy a paid vacation of 480 days.

Reason 5: Cultural openness and a good language learning environment
 Sweden is a culturally open country. Swedes like to travel and like to learn from people from other cultural backgrounds. The Swedes' love of British culture and American culture, especially young people, is deeply influenced by today's media culture. Sweden, like most countries, has a younger English ability. They use English to consume media information and social media activities in English every day.
Swedish is similar to English. Chinese people living in Sweden, even if they don't have any foreign language foundation, can learn from everyday life through a year of study. As long as you have a Swedish population number in Sweden, you can apply for university study at any time, whether it is Swedish permanent or nationality, and it is completely free. In Sweden, in addition to learning Swedish for free, you can also learn English and other national languages ​​for free.

Reason 6: Traffic safety and social security are good
Sweden is the safest country in the world. In the past 50 years, traffic accidents with more than 10 deaths in Sweden have been on average less than once a year. Sweden has a good social security situation and a very low crime rate. It is one of the safest countries in the world. In Sweden, it is difficult to see a security window. Sweden bans guns and drugs, implements high taxes and specializes in the sale of high-concentration alcoholic beverages, thus eliminating many criminal incidents. The Swedes are very friendly to foreigners, including the Chinese, and there are few reports of discrimination against foreigners in similar immigrant countries.
Reason 7: Investment Environment and International Market Portal
Sweden has the same infrastructure as any other European country, while a large amount of public investment ensures a nationwide network covering roads, railways, waterways, ports and airports. Swedish companies are quite competitive in the international market for infrastructure projects. All of Sweden's facilities have to pass the test of hot summers and Arctic winters, so the Swedish company's construction, transportation and communication products are of high quality and stability.
Sweden has an advanced, open and friendly international business environment. Sweden's innovative innovation is a pioneer in adopting new technologies and creating new consumer trends. The 2018 Global Innovation Index, Sweden ranked third. In terms of population ratio, Sweden is the country with the largest number of multinational companies in the world, and it has a major share of market consumers and economic activities in the region. Sweden is one of the EU member states, where you have access to the world's largest free trade market with 28 countries and 500 million consumers. Sweden is a bridgehead in Northern Europe. Logging in Sweden is equivalent to the door you have entered Europe. It is expected to have a broad career development space, build an international brand and enter the EU's 500 million consumer market.