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Private Issues

Housing and condominium

We can assist homeowners, tenant-owner associations or tenant-owners in matters related to residential law, such as the sale, renovation, rental and management of housing. 

1. Dispute after sale such as hidden errors or damages;

2. Error in tenancy, termination of tenant, contract of house sale yourself.

Dispute about money

In case of someone owes you money, or you were wrongly claims for money, We can help in disputes about better rights to certain property or money. Dispute may arise between individual private individuals or between traders.

Tax disputes

We have a extensive experience in different tax cases at the Swedish Tax Agency and the tax courts audit-related issues such as tax surcharges, payment deferment, payment securitization,  representatives, payments reponsibility for the company.

Employment & Labor disputes

We are good at helping clients establish labor and human resource management systems and handle daily labor affairs. At the legal level, we provide you with guidance on workplace actions to understand your boundaries of rights and protect you from unfair treatment. We help you uphold your rights in the best way to make your workplace relationship more harmonious and reduce conflict.