Family Issues

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Family Issues


When it comes to one's own assets and liabilities, and prevent future disputes, it may be a good idea to think about and document how you want them to be distributed in the future. According to the general rule, all property must be equally divided in the event of a division of housing due to divorce or death.

We help to draw up legal agreements and documents for you in accordance with your wishes. In connection with this, we also offer advice to ensure that you as a customer get what you intend. 

Cohabitation/Sambo Agreements

What is cohabitation property: housing and household property acquired with the purpose of being common. This applies, for example, the home that one of you just bought and where you both move in, even if you were to separate a few months later. Everything else falls outside unless otherwise agreed eg. cars, bank accounts etc.

Prevent future disputes, good to write when you agree.

To be separated

When a relationship ends, many related issues/questions can be raised, for example: who should have custody of common children, where the children should live, and possibly maintenance for the children. Housing issues and property issues may also arise like who should stay in the common home.

Please contact us, so that we can offer our expertise both in case of divorce - divorce and in cohabitation. We can also assist you in establishing a settlement agreement or represent you as a party to such disputes.

When privacy and enterprise meet:

Running a business together with others often means that privacy and business need to be combined, at least on a legal level. As an entrepreneur, you are still human and that means things that happen in your private life can have consequences for your joint venture. For example, if someone divorces, gets sick or even dies. Then it can be good to get help from an experienced lawyer