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Commercial agreements

Commercial Agreements

Starting and running a company is a dream for many, but a lot of question marks that need to be sorted out. An entrepreneur must think of a variety of agreements to run his business successfully. When much is at stake, it is even more important that it gets right.  We have experience in helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and large companies and are happy to advise you on the agreements, documents and policies that are necessary for your business.

We can help you negotiate or review (prepare) drafts:

  1. No-Privacy agreement
  2. Consulting Agreements
  3. Proxy issues
  4. Licensing, partnership, Cooperation
  5. Commercial agreements (sales, delivery, reseller, agent etc.)
  6. Transfer / sale of companies
  7. Technology transfer agreements
  8. Privacy Agreement and Policy for Personal Data;

Business agreement

An agreement concluded between one or more shareholders in a company is called a partnership agreement. In this, important issues are settled for the company and its partners, which are not stated in, for example, the articles of association.

A common type of partnership agreement is a shareholder agreement, which can be concluded between all or individual owners of a limited company. In limited companies that have few owners, such as a family business, it is common for the owners to be parties to a shareholder agreement. This can reduce the risk of conflicts and create more effective corporate governance.